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Revival Fields

Introducing The Burden

Revival is a restoration, a bringing back to life from a dead or decaying condition. It is a returning to God from a sinful or backslidden condition of heart and soul. And it is a renewal of the work of the Holy Spirit bringing us into a personal walk with God and a devotion to His cause on the earth.

As it can happen in an individual’s life, so can it in the religious life of a congregation, a community or a generation. When it does, it is a congregational reawakening to God, His principles and His program for their lives. It is a repairing of spiritual desolations and religious ruins. It is a restoration of Biblical order and a commitment to biblical pattern of ministry. Moreover, it is a fresh outpouring of the Holy Ghost bring freshness and refreshing, leading to renewed faithfulness and fruitfulness.

We in the Livingseed Team believe, according to the scriptures, that God is sending a fresh, widespread but sovereign revival before the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. More than that, we believe that that revival is already upon us. The men and women called together in this team believes firmly that that is the reason for their call and anointing . . . . And we are out, as the Lord directs all over Nigeria and beyond, labouring to see God send this promised revival into our various congregations, towns, cities, nations, tribes and tongues.

Prayer And Ministry Of The Word

Revival Rests on two legs! Prayer and the ministry of the Word of God. That is how the early apostles brought down revival in the early days of the church. The history of revivals also trace without exception that these two were un-mistakable characteristic of every work, move or renewal that became a widespread revival. In each of these Liaison offices are men and women called to pray and preach the word of God. They minister to individuals in prayer, teaching and counseling as well as to groups, congregations wherever the Lord opens the door.

Discipleship — raising men in communities

The age-old vessels of Revival are men; The ark of God must be borne on the shoulders of sanctified men. God’s method of raising men for His move in every generation has always been discipleship — an apprenticeship relationship between the younger servant of God and an older disciple with a view to form and transfer the life of Christ in preparation for God’s use.

This is the main reason why members of the team are scattered into every tribe and city to afford them the opportunity of touching men and helping to develop Christ life in disciples. Our major strategy is not to form groups or congregations but to seek personal Disciple-Discipler relationships. In order to provide forum for such relationships, we may, however, run discipleship classes in Churches and existing Christian organizations where doors have opened or run inter-denominational classes in the town until such doors open.

Disciples’ Retreats — for incubation & fellowship

The Disciple grows from personal secret dealings of God directly on his soul, in small group studies and intimate sharings as well as large gatherings of “fellow sheep” in retreats and conferences to afford him the benefit of the “fellowship of the saints”

From time to time in these communities where we labour, we gather in retreats for instruction, incubation and exposure of ourselves to the fire of the Word of God and communal prayer.

Ministers’ and Church Leaders’ Retreats

If the iron be blunt and you do not whet the edge then you must put more strength

Iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.

We believe we have been called not to further divide the Church nor distract from its focus but to lend a hand in pouring our contribution into the lives and ministries of God’s servant already on the field.

To these end, we labour to bring ministers together in retreats and groups to facilitate prayer and bonding between them and to create a forum for cross fertilization of insights and experiences.