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Discipleship Programmes

Local Discipleship Programmes

This is an interdenominational gathering of local residents in different locations around the nations, cities, towns, and villages (where we have resident disciplers) who are interested in going through the Discipleship Training Programme.

They meet regularly and corporately to go through a designed curriculum of instructions. These instructions are cumulative, and individual progress is measured not by brilliant knowledge or written examination but by the extent of behavioural changes brought about by the sincere obedience to the instructions.

The mode of instruction is through group Bible studies, teachings, (including retreats, seminars, audio/video) and personal counselling. The regularity and days of meeting for the program are peculiar to each locality and is determined corporately by the members of the discipleship classes themselves. All discipleship classes are run in such a way as to avoid clashes with local church programs.

Participants are free to come from any church background, once they are able to ascertain regular, uninterrupted attendance. But they are however not allowed to move away from their local churches, while they are going through the discipleship program. They are encouraged to get back into their churches, to also raise other disciples for the LORD. And where the leadership of a church so desires, Church-based discipleship classes can also be arranged.

This program runs in English and other local languages wherever necessary. Enrollment is free, and by an application form through the local discipleship centre coordinators. Write in to the discipleship department for a detailed brochure and the particulars of the discipleship centres nearest your locality.

The Discipleship classes are run by the various Revival labours within tribes, ethnic groups, towns and cities. You will be directed particularly on the discipleship classes from the contacts provided about our Liaison Offices.

To locate the nearest discipleship center in your town or city contact the Revival Labour Offices.

Campus Discipleship Classes

This is a discipleship programme for students in the tertiary institutions, be they secular or theological. Participation is opened only to groups rather than individuals since our intention is to work with and help build existing interdenominational fellowships on campus and not to create another.

In most campuses where they exist, these discipleship classes are at the instance of the Campus Joint Fellowship bodies of the various campuses. The executives usually composed of Presidents, and General Executives or their representatives from all the fellowships on campus sit together and agree to adopt the Peace House Trainings and her manuals for a consistent life training across all fellowships.

They may adopt this discipleship programme as part of their weekly or monthly programme. Coordinators and teachers are sourced from the nearest Local Revival Labours Field. Where the Joint Campus Fellowships are to yet open to adopting this training, but some fellowship groups are willing, the training will be arranged for that particular fellowship. And when neither of these is possible but some individuals have indicated interest from different fellowship groups within a campus, such interested students can be arranged together to go through the programme as part of the nearest Local Revival Labours Discipleship classes above.

Peace House does not run a Campus discipleship program that can easily metamorphose into a fellowship group. Therefore, our classes do not have Executives, neither do they have subgroups like Choir, Ushers etc. Where they make such arrangements for the purpose of an outreach, they are quickly disbanded immediately after, to focus on the studies. The classes are run in such a manner as to allow the participatory students not to abandon their responsibilities to their mother groups. When it can be arranged, a combined meeting of all the participating groups within the campus or locality will be called, to afford them direct contact with the teachers. The meeting shall be in the form of a retreat where issues of the kingdom are taught and practical questions answered by the grace of God.