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684 West College St. Sun City, United States America, 064781.

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We are committed, as Christ is, to the building of Christ's Church!

We believe that God is irrevocably committed to His Church. God will never discard it, but He only labours over and over again to revive it whenever it goes dead or dying, overwhelmed by the influence of the world system. He, therefore, seeks men and women, saved and genuinely converted, in whom Christ lives who will release themselves for His use, so that He can prepare, furnish and eventualy work through them to bring revival to His Church.
Our Team
The Livingseed Team is therefore a band of God's servants, whose hearts God has touched to bear His own burden for the Body of Christ and labour with Him to revive the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Our Belief
We believe that except a man be born again and converted i.e. die to the sinful flesh and rise in newness of life to live the life of Christ, he cannot enter the kingdom of God, neither here on the earth or in the hereafter. We therefore labour in the discipleship of young souls releasing them back to the churches as salt and light that revives its environment.

God has a plan for you . . . He wants to walk and work in you, of His good pleasure. Submit yourself to Him today!