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Vocational Training

The Livingseed revival labours team believes in the total development and training of the believer and disciple. We know that our discipleship process cannot be outside the context of our professional fields and for many young people, these fields will be very useful as a platform for bearing their master into the world.

In the past several years, the Lord has sent us several (young) people to us to train in a vocational discipleship training. These people come to us for both practical professional development but go away from us not just with the skill but also with the life of Christ, which overcomes the world.

We are, therefore, involved in three major vocational discipleship training round the year. These vocational trainings are structured and organized, as they follow a deliberate curriculum and training schedule. They are:

Peace House Press Vocational Discipleship

Medical Internships

ICT Internships

  • PH Press Vocational Discipleship
  • Medical Internships
  • ICT Internships

Peace House Press Vocational Discipleship

Peace house Press is one of the subsidiaries of Peace House Publishing Group, as well as the official printing organ for the Peace House Labour. The Publishing Group is an umbrella body that coordinates the activities of its subsidiaries comprising: Peace House Publications, Peace House Press, Peace House Electronic Media and the Peace House Bookshop. The Press also extends her services to the body of Christ (and to the General Public as its schedule permits).


Put the “Word’’ in Prints and package it for easy access and convenience for all to read. Fulfill this vision at minimum cost while keeping the quality of the Print and Materials among the best.


To make the word of God that come down regularly as “Rhema’’ available as “Logos,’’ and as much as possible “free.’’Also establish and grow a discipleship relationship among the Professionals, Ancillary Workers and Trainees in the Printing Profession.


The Press is also an outreach ministry to any child of God - young or old - who would want to/or have taken his career in the Printing Profession. There is an apprenticeship training scheme for THREE years {full time), FIVE years (part time} for Disciples who would be arrows in the hands of the Lord to be “shot out’’ to make the difference in the Printing Industry both in life and character and in technical and managerial skills.
Special Candidate:
An HND or degree holder in a related discipline who desire to take printing as a carrier in either Technical or Management position will spend Eighteen months or Two years in training. All the standard terms, the rules and regulations, for trainees are applicable. Successful Trainees may be linked, on merit, with National or International Professional Printing Institute for integration.


Presently, the Lord is using His Vessels He had gathered together from various fields to labour on the materials. The Peace House Press also has Professionals and Ministers of the gospel who have caught the Vision and are fulfilling their ministerial call. Some of them have taken the challenge of on-the-job training in the Technical, Secretarial and Managerial aspect of the Work.


Computer Graphic Illustration/Artistry.
Proof Reading.
Quality Control.
Printing Room:-
Machine Operation of various Equipments
For Colours And Black White
Folding, Collating (Sorting Out).
Binding, Numbering, Creasing, Stitching.
Thread-sewing, Cutting, Trimming.
and Wrapping (Packing).
Store-keeping, Accounting, Purchasing,
Delivery, Maintenance, Welfare and
General Co-ordination.


Peace House Press is located at the North end of Peace House Tent G.R.A. Gboko. Benue-State, Nigeria. Tel - 08187179113.
Operation Hours:- 8am – 5pm, Mondays to Fridays. Saturdays 9am - 2pm.
Labouring in Peace House is Voluntary, it is as each person answers the call to serve. Each member of Staff does his work unto the Lord and looks unto God to meet his need. The same principle applies in Peace House Press.