We give praise to God who has been our sufficiency in all things pertaining to life and godliness. 2019 has come and gone and the good hands of the Lord has ferried us across into a new year, 2020. Looking back, we have many reasons for which we should thank God for His mercies and loving kindness.

For us as a team, we particularly appreciate God for the many uncountable helps we enjoyed out of His benevolent towards us. We can testify that we have found God indeed as our Ebenezer.

The year has opened for us with God speaking very clearly about the ‘Greater Task’ He is set to take us through. As demanding as this may sound, God is not expecting us to follow Him into this by our mere human strength! He remains the one to go in front of us, executing the greater task while we follow Him closely behind collecting the evidences of His finished works which He shall gladly put in our hands to hold for Him. Oh!! What a privilege!!!

Thank you so very much for your understanding and endurance with us in all our lapses and inconsistencies in serving you with that which the Lord has put in our hands for your wellbeing. Though there are several reasons why these were so, yet we cannot make excuses for ourselves for not giving you your due portion at their appropriate time. We can only plead for your forgiveness and ask you to pray for us, while we try to sever you better than we have ever been doing.

Some new articles have been injected into the site as a sign of our desire to sever you well.

GLEANINGS continues with the unfinished issue of “Made For A Purpose”, but this time the requisite matter of being found empty and emptied of all that can hinder our being filled with that which the Lord has for us is the emphasis for our consideration. God is not wishing to set you aside nor go for new species of humans either robots or otherwise, He rather wants to empty you of all that may have overtaken you and filled you up at the expense of the real purpose for which He created you. May He succeed over you in this!

Under the LIVING JOURNALS, there are three new articles for you to meditate upon: “The Abiding Peace”, “For What Do You Pray” and “Why Are You Unstable…As Water? – 1”.  

Approach these exhortations with a simple heart knowing that they are the Manna which the Lord has sent for the journey ahead of us. Whatever demands you find each making on your heart, take heed to such least you make a shipwreck of your journey to eternity!

We hope to be updating you as God enables us to add to what we have already place at your disposals here. May these few loafs and little fishes be multiplied in your heart and hands, both for us and for our friends who may visit us in their midnight life journeys. Amen.   


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