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Ministerial Leadership Refresher Training (MILERT) - Course Focus

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Ministerial Leadership Refresher Training (MILERT)
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Course Focus

And for their sakes I consecrate myself that they also may be consecrated in truth. Jn 17:17 (RSV)

Our Lord Jesus Christ showed that ministry is a flow of one's life. It is possible to preach the truth, but if the life is void of the truth it preaches, the truth cannot be effected in the hearers. Hence, the greatest focus of this programme is to challenge the servants of God principally to issues of right living as a basis for service in the vineyard. The programme is therefore tailored so that the courses pertaining to Christian character, conduct and living are of primary importance as the basis for ministry.

Ministerial courses are geared towards equipping the participants with technical but practical knowledge of his area of call.

Knowledge courses, which shall handle basic doctrinal issues, are meant to offer Biblical knowledge; that participants should be sound in living and able to establish Christian faith; especially in the face of false teaching eminent in our days and days ahead.

Discipleship in leadership courses are designed to:

  • Encourage practical life interaction between fellow participants and instructors. To this end, small discussion groups (known as Floor Groups) are created.
  • Assess the progress in the life of participants in the practical manifestation of the grace of God in His ministry. To this end, appropriate projects have been designed.

The different types of courses shall be organised spirally i.e. every aspect of the training as outlined above run throughout the programme at each contact session.

A course is weighed in terms of scope and depth of content. Weight is also based on how 'Core' a course is considered to MILERT training as far as our emphasis and focus is concerned.
A course is weighed in terms of length of time - hours attached to the courses e.g. if Mt 101 is regarded as 2 credit-hour course, it will require at least 20 lecture hours.

The entire project is a step of faith in keeping with our pattern of ministry. We continually trust God to provide for the work in His wisdom so that we can place this refresher training at the reach of ministers and leaders in active ministry in our land at the barest minimum cost such that deserving candidates are not denied of this opportunity because of finance.

Enquiries and any other detailed information regarding this training or any other aspect of our work should be directed to: PLEASE REQUEST INFO