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Gbile Akanni

When God SpeaksIt would dawn on us as we carefully examine the Scriptures that the word of God has been diligently sought for because only diligent seekers will find the word. It is needful therefore to consider certain necessary things concerning the word which will enable you face the right direction in seeking it.

There are several professors of theology and degree holders in Bible knowledge who are completely ignorant of God and His salvation, despite their much learning. They are not born again and are not living lives that are comfortable with God’s standards, which are set and measured by the Word. People wonder why men who are vast in Bible knowledge do not as yet know God. Some Christians may even wonder why a brother quotes a passage to solve his problem and the problem is solved, another quotes the same passage in a similar situation and under the same circumstances and nothing positive happens. It is even more surprising when a Scripture works now and the same Scripture does not work for the same person later. Why?

It is because there are two realms.... in which different people touch the Scriptures. The result and effect depends on which level one touches the Scripture each time one handle them. There is the ‘Spirit’ and there is the ‘letter’ of the Scriptures. Every Scripture of the Bible has this two parts: the letter is the outward shell while the Spirit-word is the inner yolk. Anybody can touch the letter. You do not need to understand the language in which it is written. It does not carry life. It does no penetrate anywhere near the spirit or soul of any man. It is purely intellectual. The letter can be memorized anyhow by anyone without a single agitation of the heart. Someone can explain eloquently the letter-word, yet it will not bring light. And it will not bring life.

The word is spirit. Normally spirits are invisible to the human eye. Only spirit can touch and know spirit. Spiritual things can only be handled spiritually. When you touch the spirit-word, you touch the Person of Jesus. You touch life. You touch a Personality. Therefore, whenever anyone seeks the Word from the written verses of the Bible, it is that the Word might come forth to such diligent seekers.

The natural man cannot receive the Word. He is totally ignorant of these things which the words utter, for they appear foolish to him, and he cannot know them, because they are spiritually discerned. Any person who approaches the word from the natural perspective falls into this definition and therefore remains ignorant.

Every time we come to the word, we need to trust God to unveil it afresh to us by the Spirit. No revelation remains open at all times. Each time we need the word, we must knock on the door and wait patiently until the Spirit removes the veil. No one can receive the word of God more than the measure or the capacity of hearing he presents. Only to him that has ears to hear shall more be given.

To receive revelation from God’s word we must not insist on buying up the empty vessels! No one can buy and imprint his or her name on God’s word. We can only borrow it for our use and return it to Him who gave us. He can lend to us again and again. If we insist on buying up the vessels, our resources become the limit for the oil.

We must daily knock at the door, asking for containers of various sizes, old and new, big and small. If it is to borrow, we must borrow not a few empty vessels. We must enlarge our scope of study. Let us knock on the door for empty vessels. Let us not limit ourselves to human ideals. Rather, let us borrow vessels everywhere. The most crucial element is not the vessel, it is the inner pot of oil filling it up. May God grant you understanding of this principle. Amen.

An excerpt from the book: “When God Speaks....” by Gbile Akanni