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Saturday, 27 November 2010 14:03

The misdemeanour and recalcitrant behaviour of the siblings and children of God's servants all over the nations today is a major source of concern to every serious minded christian, and to us in particular.

The devil has not spared in ridiculing the ministry among the unbelieving world because of the negative testimonies and scandals oozing out of the homes of several of our reputed and local gospel ministers. Many pastors have been forced to stop preaching and resigned from the ministry in shame because of their children.

Recall that Eli the priest was not particularly faulted for his personal sins, but the lives of Hophni and Phinehas his children contradicted the very words he preached from the pulpit. As such, that man of God was disgracefully laid aside.

Samuel that mighty prophet of honour and integrity judged Israel over 50 years during which he turned back their hearts from apostasy to the ways of the living God. Just when he would have retired in peace to bear an eternal reward for that accomplishment- the elders of the land rose up to challenge the wisdom of following God after all “give us a king like other nations “ they said, “for your children are not like you”.