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Holy Spirit

is it possible for one to get a prayer group that will help one pray together till one receives his/her baptisim of the Holy ghost?

Date Asked: Mon-May-2011
Username: phollykay
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Accepted Answer

If you find such a group, fine. If you find a true child of God or man of God who believes in the baptism of the Holy Spirit, such can administer it without much trouble. But you can also receive your baptism of the Holy Ghost without any human help. I am saying this from my own personal experience. The few things that matters in this issue are:
a.) You must be truly born again .
b.) You must understand clearly (i.e. have a clear revelation) that you NEED the baptism in the Holy Ghost and WHY you need it (i.e. what you need this for).
c.) You must go to God (pray) and ask Him for it, having seen why and what you need this impartation for.

I gave my life to the Lord in April and I was reading a book, not for the baptism in the Holy Ghost, but just to find what can help me grow in my new found faith. It was as I read that book that I came to a clear understanding that I need the baptism in the Holy Ghost if I was going to serve Him well. I have never heard about this before until I saw what the Holy Ghost did through the man I was reading his book. I began to pray for God to baptise me in the Holy Ghost. It was in the cause of my prayers that I felt I should fast as well. Note that no one ask me to do this as a condition to receiving the baptism of the Holy Ghost, I only felt so then. So I did. I fasted three days, Monday to Wednesday; by Friday of that week during a prayer session (in a school fellowship), God visited me without any hands laid on or people praying for me on the subject particularly. That was September, five months after I surrender my life to Christ.

Just lay your heart before God and trust Him to answer you according to His will for you. The Baptism in the Holy Ghost is not for you, it is for God and His purpose in your life. He knows that all of us that must fulfil the purpose why He brought us into His Kingdom need this outpour from on high. God bless you.

Post Master -June 16, 2011.
Answered: Thu-Jan-1970