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Greetings in the most exalted Name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ! I have the honour and privilege again, this year, to invite you, as one of the leaders of God’s people, to a strategic session of the Apex Clergy Retreat.

I want to thank God for the help He has been sending to our lives and ministry as we continue to gather at His feet in this retreat since 2002. I bless God for several of you that have been part of it; coming all the way to Gboko again and again despite your tight schedules and the condition of our roads. We do not take your coming for granted. We pray that the God of heaven will continue to strengthen you and the men of the clergy under your hand.

Our Apex Clergy Retreat last year was a clarion call and a summon to the feet of the Lord who ordained us and charged us with an enormous responsibility of standing on the walls as watchmen and women. We are called to contend for the Faith and for the People of the faith. We can no longer sit back and not arise to stand between the living and the dead. The affairs of Nigeria and several nations are turning down the hill and we cannot watch the enemy destroy the heritage of our early Fathers who did not consider their lives dear to them while they laboured in
great jeopardy to establish our present territories for Christ.

The Clergy Retreat rose with a resolve to contend for faith. We set up an action plan team of top leaders in response to some of the issue papers presented and workshop papers we worked through as we sense it is an on-going responsibility the Lord has charged us with. Let us arise and play the man for our people and for the Church of God over the which He has made us overseer. There shall be reports and times for crucial decision making that may have grave consequences on what we must pursue in the days ahead as the Church of God in this nation. “Be brave, Philistines! Fight like men, or we will become slaves to the Hebrews, just as they were our slaves. So fight like men!’’ 1 Samuel 4:9GNB

The retreat for this year is scheduled as follows:
Date: 6:00 pm Monday, 7th — 10:00 am Thursday, 10th October 2019
Venue: Bethany Resort, Klm 21 Yandev-Aliade Road, Gboko. Benue St, Nigeria.
Thematic Focus: The Apex Clergy: Providing Bold Leadership for the Church at a time like this “….Fight like men. In the past they were our slaves, so fight like men or you will become their slaves.” 1 Samuel 4:9 ERV

This invitation is personal to you sir and you cannot send a delegate. However, if you desire that some other apex leaders around you be part of this retreat, you may please direct such to our offices and contacts to obtain a letter of invitation. We would also love you to come with your wife since she is your first partner in life and ministry.

By the grace of God, your accommodation and feeding will be freely provided. However, we need to receive a response in good time to enable us finalize arrangements for your reception and hospitality. We look forward to your coming and do pray that God Himself releases you for this crucial retreat into His presence.

Finally, please indicate your coming by registering online at as from 15th of August, 2019, AND PRINT YOUR REGISTRATION SLIP ON A PLAIN SHEET before coming to
avoid queuing for registration procedures on arrival at Gboko. For those who do not have internet access, the attached Notification Form should be filled and sent directly to Peace House, P. O. Box 971, Gboko. Benue State or submit to any of our contacts while your own full registration will be on arrival at Gboko.

Thank you and God bless you sir.


Your brother
‘Gbile Akanni


October 7


6:00 pm
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Bethany Resort
Bethany Resort, Klm 21, Yandev-Gboko-Aliade Rd, Gboko, Benue State.
Gboko, Benue State Nigeria


Peace House

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