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Note: Please take time to study the details and only apply if you can meet the
requirements of having time for all the contact sessions and practical field experience. Application closes on 30th November 2019. For any issue with your application, contact:!!! Note: Old Ledeyo Applicant for 2019 are not to apply again.Thank you.

This is a strategic training aimed at developing young people between the ages of 21 and 35 years old. This will prepare them to render godly, efficient and effective leadership in their future endeavors. Other major objectives of the training among others, includes but is not limited to the following:

1. To help young believers lay a solid foundation that will guarantee a stable and glorious future.
2. To raise competent young leaders with a burning passion for excellence and desire to fill the gaps in every sphere of human endeavor.
3. To help young believers have a better understanding of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the implications it has on us as new creation in Christ.
4. To assist the young believers discover God’s purpose for living.
5. To introduce the young believers to the concept, process, and practice of discipleship as an indispensable and effective tool in generational leadership development.
6. To help the young believers develop an aspiration for responsible leadership.
7. To create awareness among the young believers for the need for basic skills acquisition for the years ahead.

This training is particularly focused on the following categories of people:

1. Graduates of tertiary institutions preparing for National Youth Service Corp (NYSC).
2. Graduates of other Higher institution e.g. (School of Nursing, Health Technology, NCE, College of Agriculture, National Diploma Holders) who may be terminating at this level
3. Graduates of Tertiary Institutions exempted from National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) on the ground of age etc.
4. Working class young people.
5. Young people who are currently doing their masters or have finished their masters.
The training will include 2 contact sessions and one practical experience time.

The first contact will come up with general introduction and principles of the training content within that year, the participants will be exposed to practical life experience to further enhance their understanding of the principle learned in the class. This will take the form of field attachment for a specified period of time. Such attachment will be done at locations and organizations as directed by the LEDEYO administration. Seasoned professionals who are proven disciples will be engaged to assist the participants during the entire period of practical field experience. After the field experience, the second contact will take place in the second year. This second contact will be a continuation of where the first contact stopped. But this contact will focus more on the practical outworking of the new creation life in career, business, marriage etc.


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