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Discipleship FAQ

In our years of ministry and labors, we have encountered several questions that have been frequently asked on the subject of Discipleship. You can click the tabs below to see the answers to these questions.

What Is Discipleship?

Discipleship is God's offer unto every human being to come into a deliberate relationship with Jesus, to follow Him and become like Him. Discipleship is God's family training scheme, where he forms his men until they are like Jesus in words, thoughts and actions.

Why Do I Need A Discipler?

Even though discipleship is primarily a personal relationship between a disciple and his master, Jesus, God usually employs the hands of human beings to form his men and make them like Jesus. Disciplers, who themselves are disciples are tasked with the humble responsibility of exemplifying the life & character of Christ to the young disciple. They do not replace the Holy Spirit in the life of a disciple but help the disciple to know, understand, and be like Jesus in a practical way.

How Can I Get A Discipler?

It is the Lord who must lead you to the hand under whom you must learn and grow. So pray and let God lead you to a human vessel, who himself is a disciple following & learning Jesus through another older disciple. Begin by relating with the person who is leading your discipleship class and trust the Lord to show you if he/she is the one.

Why Must I Go To A Discipleship Class?

As important as having a personal relationship with Jesus and your human discipler is, it is important to identify and join yourself with a discipleship class nearby where you can interact with other disciples, share with them, encourage one another and also learn from the experiences of others. This kind of horizontal discipleship is needed for your complete growth.

Is Discipleship Another Church Or Fellowship?

No, discipleship class is not a church and will never be a church. Our mandate is to train Christians in the church and release them back to affect others in their local churches.