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Bethany Resort


Years ago, in our conception of the entire work, we had seen a place of rest, recuperation, reflection, retreat and revival for ministers of the gospel and the brethren altogether. Then, we, in faith named such a place “Bethany Resort”. This was a thought from what Bethany was to Jesus and His disciples where Mary, Martha and Lazarus welcomed Him. A place He normally resorted to after much labour in the cities.

Though it will draw several thousands regularly for Retreats and Renewal times, we still expect the camp to serve as a place for quiet Resort for individuals and families who are seeking God for personal revival and direction for their lives and ministries.

We hope it will maintain its quiet nature as we deliberately plan its development to ensure naturalness, simplicity and functionality. We expect quiet spots under the trees in the orchard that can become a “Bethel experience” for some.

Even though they only find some stones to arrange as pillows, we trust that as they sleep away, their dreams will be of open heavens on the carpet grasses.

We also expect it to serve the purpose of quiet study and research, as well as constructive thinking and strategic planning for top leaders of ministries and denominations as they resort there to use the Library and Media facilities.


Meeting Halls

The Resort has several meeting venues conducive for congregational worship and  yet amenable to settling down to take instructions in the Word of God. There exists facilities that can be used for small meetings of tens and hundreds, while it also has a large meeting Tent that can host meetings of tens of thousand participants. 

Accommodation Halls

In order to be conducive to large meetings as well as personal retreats, Bethany Resort has facilities for both mass accommodation and small individual or family retreats. It has small to medium and large rooms. There also exist Chalets and flats conducive for personal retreats.

Bookings & Reservations

Any individual member of the body of Christ, ascertained to be genuinely born, can have access to using the Bethany Resort facilities. Groups, Churches and Denominations can also utilize the facilities for the purpose of encountering God. Anyone wishing to so access the Resort will have to book ahead and obtain due permission prior to travelling to the Resort. No one should hope to “book on arrival” lest he/she be disappointed and disallowed. 

For Bookings and reservations, please send an email to or contact our nearest Revival Labour office nationwide.