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GLEANINGS..."A weekly Devotional" by Gbile Akanni

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  • 13th July, 2015
  • 6th July, 2015
  • 22nd June, 2015


"Steps To Recovering Your Lost Relationship with Jesus 4"

  • Turn Back to Where you veered off in Your Spiritual Journey.

“When they found Him not they turned back again.”
Luke 2:45 KJV

That is a very serious step you must take right now! Go back again. Go back to where you missed it. Go back to where the reality of Jesus disappeared from your life. Go back again to where you missed your personal quiet time and your personal reverence for the word of God. Go back again to where you started. Go back to your first love. Mary and Joseph went back again. Take note of that: they turned back again to Jerusalem just to seek Him. They had no other business, no other thing that took their attention. They went just seeking Him. In order for revival to come into your life, you must concentrate on this issue- SEEKING JESUS!

One important thing that I want you to note is that Jesus has not changed. He has not shifted His stand. Where you left Him, there you will meet Him. His standpoint has not changed; you are the one who drifted and changed. You are the one who wanted to become like other people and joined the 'caravan'. But Jesus remained where He was left. The Word of God has not changed. His love has not changed. You are the one who has changed, so you are the one to go back to Him. He will always be there. When they got back to Jerusalem, they found Him there.

Right now go back again. You will find Jesus where you left Him. His Word is still as sweet. His authority is ever there. His glory is ever real.

May God help you to go back again? Amen!


"Steps To Recovering Your Lost Relationship with Jesus 3"

  • Repent, Seek, And Follow Jesus only in His Terms.

“…they sought Him among their kinsfolk and among their acquaintance.”
Luke 2:44 KJV

The next thing I want you to consider, and avoid in your steps to spiritual restoration is what I see in this Scripture. Several people seem to have fallen victim of it.

There are times when God wants to revive you and He wakes you up to the issue of the emptiness and the lack of the reality of God in your life, but instead of going to where you can find the reality of Jesus- you seek Him elsewhere. The Bible says; “they sought Him among their kinsfolk and among their acquaintance.” They were looking for Him among men.

You may really want to be spiritual but where do you go? May be you really want to repent, but where do you go looking for the Saviour? Are you looking among your companions? Are you looking among your kinsfolk or your relatives? Some of you know that holiness is a condition for seeing heaven but instead of looking to God, you look around and say, “Even my Elders are not holier than myself, even my Pastor used to beat his wife.”

Is that enough for you to go on being careless? When you get over there, before the Lord to give account of yourself, your pastor's life will not be accepted as an excuse.

If you keep seeking Jesus among your kinsfolk and friends, you may be disappointed. You may be disappointed that the people you thought were spiritual or those you thought could help you may have ended up not showing you the reality of the Lord Jesus. So put aside every argument and self-justification and turn to Jesus in humility and repentance. He will abundantly pardon. And there is enough grace in Him to make you live up to God's standard and requirements. Moreover, God has not introduced any other person to us as our Saviour and as our example…But concerning Jesus, He declared Him to the whole world saying;

“This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased, hear ye Him.”
Matthew 17:5 KJV

Even the greatest of prophets and the best of preachers are yet not our perfect example for conduct, life and character…We are only to follow them to the extent that they follow Jesus.

Make Jesus, and Him alone your standard. Make His words your command and His life style your own, then you shall find peace and restoration, not just for now but for your soul eternally here after.


"Steps To Recovering Your Lost Relationship with Jesus 2"

  • Do Not Act In Haste And Presumption- Always Be Properly Guided.

“…And they went a day's journey…”
Luke 2:44 KJV

How could you go on without being sure that Jesus was with you? They went a day's journey. Do you know the implication of that? Every day you move without being sure of Jesus, you take a step farther from reality. Each time you realize that you are not as spiritual as people are thinking about you, you must be sincere to yourself and to the people about it. When they ask you to lead a meeting, teach in Sunday school or accept a new position in your Church and you know you are still sinning [though secretly], be sincere and tell the truth about your life. If you cover it and go on to accept spiritual responsibility, you are going a day's journey without Jesus. Are you a fornicator and you are still teaching a Sunday school class? Do you want to kill yourself? Surely you do want to kill yourself! I see you going to sit on the platform when you are supposed to sit in the pew because of your life. Do you want to destroy yourself? You are going a day's journey out of God's presence.

Many men today have accepted good positions; they are now elders, deacons, or Choir Masters in Churches, but they have not yet overcome sin in their lives. They seem to be moving very fast in the hierarchy of Church organization and church activities. Seeing that it is becoming impossible for the simple Word of God to reach your life there, are you still going on? Surely you are already going a day's journey into the wilderness. Elijah took that kind of journey and it ended him in a terrible experience. He went a day's journey into the wilderness and that was the end of his ministry. [Read his story from 1Kings 17-2King 2]

My friend, where are you rushing to? If your life is not right with God, where are you rushing to? Can't you lock yourself up and kneel down and say: “God I will not let you go until you revive me. Lord Jesus, why am I like this? Why is my life getting confused? I will not let you go until you revive me”. Why are you continuing in this journey? It may be very costly for you to allow today to pass you by without making your life right with God. For a man to continue in hypocrisy for another week after going through this devotion, it will be very costly. For you to assume that God is with everybody including you is a costly assumption when you know that there is emptiness and dryness inside of you. Naomi cried out when she returned and people called her- 'Naomi' She said, “Don't call me Naomi again. I am Marah; my life is now empty and bitter. Why do you call me Naomi? There is no Naomi in me. All that remains in me now is Marah”. Can you make that an honest confession of your true situation before God that God may restore you? Or do you want to go on in this empty, endless journey unto the unknown? Why do you go on in the caravan? Why join that company of men to live in sin?

Joseph and Mary became aware that there was a void. They became aware just like some of you are becoming aware now and discovering that you have missed it somewhere; and they did something about it. The Bible says;

“…so they traveled a whole day before they began to make an anxious search for Him.”

When they discovered that Jesus was not there, they took a step- a good step, a step to search for Jesus. They decided to look for Him.

Stop right where you are now! Go on your knees and begin to cry to God in search for Jesus that has missed in your life for a while now.

And you who is just planning to take a step into something; you are about to give in for that relationship without an assurance from the Lord that He will be going with you, can you tear that letter, stop that phone call you plan to make, that email, or chat in which ever platform. You may have even given your word already, who told you that you cannot still change your mind? Say No! Or do you want to please man and offend God? Jesus has been waiting out there where you left Him, when you forcefully ejected Him from your life with disobedience. He has been weeping ever since then, waiting and longing for your return. You have travelled far, yes He knows that; but never mind, just go back to Him, dear friend. He will order your steps afresh and guide you on the right path for your life. Don’t waste any more time else some evil overtake you!!!

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  • ESAD 2015 -

    Theme: "Abiding, Abounding and Abundant Fruitfulness"
    Date: Thur. 10th - Sun. 13th Sept., 2015.
    Venue: Unical Chapel Of Redemption, University of Calabar, Calabar, Cross River State.
    Contacts: Peace House Zonal Offices: Cross River/Akwa Ibom +2348064680061, Rivers/Bayelsa +2348068573880, Edo/Delta +2348065499102, Imo/Abia +2348034833949, Anambra/Enugu/Ebonyi +2348063963913

  • Calvary Arrows College Admission! -

    The list of candidates admitted for 2015/2016 into Calvary Arrows College, Gboko, is out;
    please check here to see if your child is among those admitted.
    God bless you.

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13/07/2015 - Foundation For Christian Life - How To Receive Revelation.
By Gbile Akanni


Almost half of the year has gone and we have witness the demonstration of God's faithfulness in each of our lives. We have reasons to thank God for all that He has been doing hitherto for us. We equally praise God for you knowing fully well that you are the reason why the Lord has offered us this opportunity of service. We thank God for enabling you to come thus far with us in our entire periodical uploads. Worthy of acknowledgement is your forbearance with us at such moments when our weekly or monthly uploads is irregular, yet you have endured and have not gone away. We want to say “THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH”.

In our “GLEANINGS”, it pleases the Lord to take us through necessary warnings that will deliver us from the pits where several who went ahead of us fell and became fractured and scatered in their pilgrim journey. He started us with “Timely Warning”- where definite instructions to keep us alert on this narrow lane were placed before us. Presently, He is taking us through the quiet, unsuspected ASSUMPTIONS which are not only dangerous but COSTLY. Our prayer is that these instructions will serve as a light for our path and a guide to our feet.

The foundation of our Christian life is a critical aspect of our continuous hope of making it home with the Lord. This is the reason why our weekly audio messages deals with “FOUNDATION FOR CHRISTIAN LIFE”. To neglect these instructions is to leave open your foundation unto the erosion of life and that is very dangerous.

The “BOOK OF THE MONTH” is there to show us what to keep in view as we live one day at a time. We do not have a permanent place here on earth therefore we must live with ETRNITY IN VIEW.

May even the message from the picture browser illuminate our hearts so that we can remain focused until we see the crown that awaits us beyond here.

Living Seed Sitekeeper.

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CSC 2013.
Theme: "Abiding, Abounding and Abundant Fruitfulness"
Date:Thur. 10th - Sun. 13th Sept., 2015.
Venue: Unical Chapel Of Redemption, University of Calabar, Calabar, Cross River State.
Contacts: Peace House Zonal Offices: Cross River/Akwa Ibom +2348064680061, Rivers/Bayelsa +2348068573880, Edo/Delta +2348065499102, Imo/Abia +2348034833949, Anambra/Enugu/Ebonyi +2348063963913

Our last Eastern Solemn Assembly of Disciples was four years ago at Abudu in Edo state. It was a landmark meeting with the theme, The Burning Passion of Christ. Many received life changing encounters with Jesus that redefined their lives on the path of glory and relevance in God’s purpose. This year, God has chosen to call us again under the theme: Abiding, Abounding and Abundant Fruitfulness.
He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him. Ps. 126:6.
Our labour cry over the nations has not abated. The Lord must look down in mercy and turn the captivity of the nations again. The earth must yield her increase unto the Lord again in an abiding, abounding and abundant measure. Dormant seeds of life already scattered across several nations must receive fresh breath from the Lord.
The cry of the nations rings so loud and clear in our day that even the deaf can hear it. The enemy of righteousness is awake with fury like a serpent wounded by the tail. He is very strategic; he promulgates unrighteous decrees from high places across the nations. He has promoted and elevated immorality to the heights, making a light thing of the utter moral lunacy of Sodom and Gomorrah in their time. He has multiplied corruption, seductions, riots and wars in every nation. He sponsors poverty, crime and occult indulgences in youths and adults - all aimed at fulfilling his dream of again making the earth a wilderness. Yet it is this same earth that our Lord has given to us with the instruction: Occupy till I come. (Lk. 19:13).
What should be the strategic response of the Church to this scourge of darkness? We must go forth again in tears. We must take the battle to the gates with the Living seed of the word of God as our sword. God will cause His seed to grow and re-crop the nations.
Please mobilize yourself, family, church, professional colleagues, clergy, traditional rulers, government officials, women, students and all. Feeding and accommodation shall be free as the Lord graciously provides. For special hotel accommodation (at your own expense)please contact our accommodation team on: 08064615777. The Lord is waiting to receive you! Your brother, Joseph Jato.