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GLEANINGS..."A weekly Devotional" by Gbile Akanni

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  • 13th April, 2015
  • 6th April, 2015
  • 30th March, 2015



The conclusion of the matter of this Timely Warning is:

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”
Matt. 6:21 KJV

This is where the trouble is. If it were possible to keep your treasure in a place and carry your heart somewhere else, it would have been different. But no man has been able to do this. Your treasure and your heart are closely tied. It is not wrong for a man’s heart to be with his treasure. If my treasure therefore determines where my heart is, then I need to be careful where that treasure is because wherever I put it, there my heart will be.

Now Jesus said something again that jolted me so much. I had never looked at it that way before until the Holy Spirit began to show it to me that it was for this same reason that Mrs Lot could not make it to heaven.

Lot lifted up his heart and choose Sodom and Gomorrah and left his uncle Abraham in the dry land. He saw built-up cities and went for them. As if to tell Lot that he had made a mistake, God passed him through an experience at a point. Some kings came and carried away everything in Sodom and Gomorrah including Lot, his wife and children. Lot was left empty handed over night. He cried and cried. Abraham was the one who went and fought and brought him, his children, his wife and his properties back. Lot did not learn his lesson from this. He did not know that where he was staying was a dangerous ground, a place that was already marked out for destruction. It looks to me as if it was his wife that counsel him and said, “Look let’s settle here. Though God has used your uncle to rescue us, yet we cannot afford to go back and settle with him. Besides, your uncle is always going from one place to another; we can’t be going here and there because I am not cut for that.” So they settled back in Sodom and Gomorrah.

When the Angels that God sent to Sodom got there and told Lot saying, “We are going to destroy this place tomorrow. Pack whatever you have in this city; because everything that is in this city, everything that was developed in this city, all the civilization of this city, all the investment of this city, all the factories of this city will be destroyed tomorrow. Whatever you have in this city, carry it.”

They gave him a slim opportunity to escape and a difficult task to perform. He was told to climb a hill and he was to climb it not leisurely but in haste and there was no lift. He was told to pick whatever he had in that city and escape for his life. He must have looked for things he buried under the ground. He probably needed caterpillars to uproot some of them. Lot, as a man, may have just picked one dress and one bag which he was able to carry and told his two daughters to move. He must have called the wife also and said, “Let’s go.” Meanwhile the Angels were waiting for him. I imagine his wife saying, “What do we pick? Let’s pick this, let’s pick that.” Then the husband said, “How can we carry this? It is heavy; have you forgotten that we are going to climb a mountain?” the wife said, “But excuse me, when we get there, what shall we use to cook if we don’t carry this?”

Do you remember what happens whenever you are to travel with your wife? She will say, “We have not taken this, we have to carry that.” It is natural with many women. Lot’s wife must have picked many things. When they were about to carry them, they were too heavy. Lot said, “Look madam, let’s leave this thing. Is life not better than property?” She said, “Well, life is better than property but I need these things there.” The reason is: where your treasure is, there your heart will be. Mrs Lot couldn’t look up to heaven because she had nothing to look forward to there. There are some people who won’t go to heaven because they don’t have anything there. Those who will go to heaven, the Bible say they look forward to it. If there is nothing to look up to in heaven, what is the excitement about going there? Let me tell you something. There is an attraction that takes someone to heaven and when there is nothing that you are looking up to there, sorry, you won’t make it, even if you are a believer. Some Christians will not make it. I am telling you this frankly because the word of God remains forever.

While Lot was climbing and running, the Bible say (in Genesis 19:26) that his wife looked back from behind him. It pains me so much that the husband thought she was following him, not knowing that she had looked back from behind him. Some pastors think that their members are following them to heaven, not knowing that their key members have looked back from behind them. When people look back, you are not likely to know. Many wives have looked back from behind their husband. Many children have looked back from behind their parent. You thought they are going to heaven with you, but they have looked back from behind you.

As soon as Lot’s wife looked back, she became a pillar of salt. The way the Bible describes it, made me to be so afraid that Lot did not discover that his wife had looked back until they got to their destination. They instruction was, “move, don’t look back.” Lot was going, his daughters were also going. They believed that Mummy was also following. It was when they got to the place and settled down that they asked, “Where is Mummy? Where is my wife?” What a pity! She had looked back from behind them. She missed the final destination. She was saved from the fire of Sodom but she never got to the final destination. Brother, have you looked back from behind your leaders? Madam, have you looked back from behind your husband? This was how Lot’s wife became a pillar of salt.

“In that day, he which shall be upon the housetop, and his stuff in the house, let him not come down to take it away: and he that is in the field, let him likewise not return back. Remember Lot's wife.”
Luke 17:31-32 KJV

What made Lot’s wife to become a pillar of salt is most likely that she remembered her stuff that she left behind in Sodom. Where your treasure is there will your heart be also. Remember Lot’s wife. If your treasure is in rese arch or business, your heart is there also even now. Nothing else moves you except that. If this is the case, how will one invest his life to possess the eternal treasure in heaven? First and foremost, your heart must go over there. Your heart, focus and emphasis must go over there so that you can send treasures there.

Dear Lord, I have but only one opportunity to live here on earth. Help me to give heed to what you are saying here to me. Don’t let me make an experiment with my life, it is too costly. I have only one life to live and once it is over, there’s no opportunity to remedy even my mistakes! Help my heart always to remember Lot’s wife.


"Where Am I Storing My Goods?"

“And one of the company said unto him, Master, speak to my brother, that he divide the inheritance with me.”
Luke 12:13 KJV

Jesus’ response to this man’s simple request remains yet a matter on my heart to keep on chewing. That my Master did not just say to the man, “sorry I cannot interfere in your family conflict; but went ahead to call for caution: “Take Heed and Beware…”, and to illustrate His response with a parable, makes the matter one that I cannot also easily dismissed.

“And he spake a parable unto them, saying, The ground of a certain rich man brought forth plentifully: And he thought within himself, saying, What shall I do, because I have no room where to bestow my fruits? And he said, This will I do: I will pull down my barns, and build greater; and there will I bestow all my fruits and my goods.”
Luke 12:16-18 KJV

“What shall I do? Because I have no room to bestow my fruits.” The rich man’s problem was where to store his goods. He thought and analyzed his difficulty: finally, he came to a conclusion. I wonder what my conclusion would have been. You too, what conclusion would you have reached in your case? It is this quiet conclusion that usually forms the basis of the outward manifestations of our action. This quiet conclusion normally determines our choice, our focus and our direction in life.

The rich man in the Bible said, “This will I do: I will pull down my barns, and build greater; and there will I bestow all my fruits and my goods.” In barns and not in people; not in heaven but in barns. That barn could mean anything. For some, civilization will not allow them to start building barns so they keep their goods in banks. Some would however say, Bank? No, I don’t like banks. Their interest is too small and there could be inflation. I want to put my goods in shares, so that even in ten years’ time, when I would have retired, when the economy would have changed, that is the solid quiet money that would be coming in. I would just relax, sit down and cross my legs and enjoy myself while money comes in. So, the barns could be shares, banks or property development or it could be investing in solid minerals. Some will look for asset that appreciates with years. Some will say, “Let’s invest in a name. Let’s buy that company off the market, so that we can collect their name.” That name could be a barn.

Where am I investing my life? Where am I investing my intelligent and my ability? I need to find out what the pursuit of my life is. Do I quietly desire to possess all that I will need tomorrow, today so that I can secure my future?

Look at what the man said,

“I will say to my soul, Soul…”

When we read it, it appears as if it is not real. Excuse me; don’t you think it is real? Don’t you think these are the kinds of thoughts that have crossed our minds many times? Several things that many of us have done are along this line. That is why you will hear some people say, “…if the government decides to be foolish, I will never be poor again.” The reason is because they believed they have secured their future and so nothing can shake them.

“I will say to my soul: enough of running around. Thou hast much goods laid up for many years,” the man seem to say. Let’s face this fact frankly; how many people are not working in order to have something laid up for many years? What actually is the issue pushing many people up and down? Is it not the desire to have some certain things laid up for many years? As I say this you may be tempted to think that it applies to businessmen only; so you may excuse yourself because you are not a business man. Even you that is a civil servant, what is the reason why you have not resigned despite your complains against how the government is treating workers? What is your thought? Are you not probably saying, quietly in your heart, “Let me just clock thirty years in service so that my gratuity – the reward of working for many years - will increase?”

Why do even Pastors sit tight over their churches, inscribing their names, the names of their wives and their children on the properties- the corporate properties of the church? It is because of the fear of tomorrow. They are quietly thinking, how can I lay my life down in a ministry like this and somebody will just come tomorrow and push me out and my children will have nothing. No! Let’s entrench my name in it. This is the same conclusion, they are but goods laid up for many years.

It is for this reason that Jesus said, “beware of covetousness”. It is capable of killing one. It can make one lose one soul and end up in hell where you never planned. The weight of these instructions is enough to again cause my heart to bow in God’s presence, seeking His divine enablement to escape this hidden pit that may have swallowed many who went ahead of me. None of them ever hoped to end their pilgrim journey where and how they ended but covetousness, who never always come as such, overtook them when they least expected.

Oh dear Lord, please give me light that I may correctly evaluate where I conclude to bestow my fruits. Save me from the deceptiveness of today’s barns. Cause me to know that the fruits coming out of the ground of my life are not really mind but yours, and that I am but a mere steward over all that comes into my hands.

Lives are better place to bestow my fruits than in barns, no matter what such barns may be! This is my conclusion!!


"…Moth, Rust and Thieves?"

There’s need for each of us to ask ourselves, “What am I living for? What is the real treasure that I am supposed to pursue in life at my present age, how much of that treasure have I actually got?” At an age when you are supposed to be resting, what exactly have you really got in terms of treasure that last forever?

Even if one would claim that he has laid down so much, the next question would be: where are you keeping these treasures?

“Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. ”
Matt. 6:19-21 KJV

For anyone to understand why Jesus authoritatively declared that we lay not up for ourselves treasures upon the earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, one needs to examine closely what moth is and what rust is.

In economic terms, what is moth, what is rust? In terms of agricultural devastation, what is moth, what is rust? In terms of social decadence, what is moth, what is rust? What are these agents that do corrupt every treasure that is kept on earth? There’s no treasure kept here on earth that is not subject to these agents of decay – moth and rust, and thieves that breakthrough and steal.

Thieves have become a great threat that we cannot say, we don’t know about. In order to keep ourselves from thieves we have become prisoners. Every rich man is a first class prisoner in his own house. It is prisoners that are said to be behind bars, but many people today are behind the bars of burglary proof. We are kept in prison in our own houses behind iron bars because of material treasures. If you have any good electronic equipment, you will normally keep it behind bars. Go to all the beautiful houses we have now especially in developed countries, you will see burglary bars. Someone who has a very beautiful door, very beautiful carpentry edifice will still put Iron bars behind it. Some have to open three or four gates in order to enter their bedroom.

Lay not up for yourselves treasures on the earth. Every treasure laid on earth is a treasure subject to moth, to rust and to thieves. I am not just talking of termites and wood worms; but every imaginable thing that causes decay, everything that causes reduction in value, either value of life, such as diseases and accidents or value of quantity or quality is what we call moth, rust and thieves. Everything on earth is subject to them. I do not plan to put anything here on this earth; but I cannot tell you not to put anything on earth, however, let’s get to know that anything one put on earth is subject to the moth, the rust and the thieves. This answers the question of ‘whose shall those things be which thou hast provided! Moth, Rust and Thieves!

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06/04/2015 - Foundation For Christian Life-The Lion Has Roared-Who Shall NotTremble.
By Gbile Akanni


The Lord has been so gracious to us over the years of our walk with Him; particularly last year. He took us through the year under the cloud of His presence and brought us, by His mercy, into another year, 2015. His promises to us as individuals and as a team were graciously fulfilled. May His name be praise forever and ever, amen.

God has brought us to the place of divine fulfilment of His word to us. He told us last year to make this valley full of ditches in readiness for the rain of His promise. With our knees still bowed in response to that, we hear Him announcing to us that the Comforter has come! Our immediate response to this was that of fear, because of much preparation we thought must yet to be made; however, He pointed to us that “Nevertheless and Howbeit” must be the key words for our operation henceforth.

Indeed the “Comforter has come, the Holy Ghost from heaven”. The time we have been waiting for has arrived and we cannot do otherwise but arise to do whatsoever He bids us do. Our response to His commands must be prompt. We can no longer afford to be sluggish with any instructions from His lips. His coming is to guide us into all truth, as He helps us fulfil our mandate for living.

Our prayer is that God will make us men and women that understand the time to which He has brought us, and to do what we ought to do. Let us therefore arise and eat whatsoever He bakes on “this coals of fire for us, and drink from the jar of water placed by us” because the journey ahead of us is great.

May none of us be found wanting in this day of His power. Amen.

Living Seed Sitekeeper.

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Clergy Refresher Conference (CLEREC) 2015!

CSC 2013.Theme: "The Effective Minister"
Date: Monday 4th to Friday 8th May, 2015
Peace House Camp, Km 21`Gboko-Aliade Road, Mbahyande – Mbayion, Gboko, Benue State.


NOTE: This Conference is strictly for the mainline (orthodox) denominations listed in the form. THOSE NOT BELONGING TO THESE UNDERLISTED DENOMINATIONS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE CONFERENCE. Pentecostal and other indigenous denominations not listed are hereby invited to attend Minister's Leadership Retreat (MLR, Weds-Sun, first full week of every Dec) or other advertised programs of Peace House, Gboko.” Please call the following contacts for clarification if need be: 08036133629, 08037139774. God bless you.

Thank you.


Date:Wed. April 29th - Sun. 3rd May, 2015.
Theme: "Five Required 'R's for Effective Leadership"
Venue: Peace House Camp, Km 21`Gboko-Aliade Road, Mbahyande – Mbayion, Gboko, Benue State.
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Since 2004, in response to the charge we had from The Lord "to stop mourning for Saul but arise, fill your horn with oil and go anoint David", we began to call National Christian Students Congress every year. It cuts across denominations and all campus fellowships, as we seek to see God move again among the students. We have collaborated with Students Ministries and their leaders as we stood together to serve The Lord among the students.
During these successive years, we usually hold an early morning leadership sessions for leaders and selected members of the executives and though always short, it has been a deep blessing and instruction for the leaders of the campus fellowships. There were calls for us to emphasize leadership training as a separate meeting or few days ahead of the National Christian Students Congress. As we turn into this season, we sensed God speaking of a fresh move of His Spirit again all over the world and the crucial place of Students in what He is about to do. Seeking His wisdom, it became clear that we must engage in deliberate and intensive training of leaders of the Campus fellowships, so they can guide the move on the campuses to the praise of His glory.
In obedience to this burden, I wish to invite your leadership for this crucial retreat and training. For the sake of focus and depth, we will admit a maximum of ten serving top members of the Executive from each fellowship. These should include: President, Vice President, Sister Coordinator, Bible Study Secretary, Prayer Secretary, General Secretary and Worship Leader/Music coordinator.
We would want you to furnish us with names, offices and telephone numbers of those you have approved to come not later than 15th April, 2015. Our e-mail address is 'studentscongress1@livingseed.org'.It will be both a retreat and a training session for effective leadership delivery in the fellowships on the Campus.
I look forward to your full representation in this crucial retreat of leaders and may the Lord use you to move His purpose forward among the students and particularly on your own campus.
Your brother, Gbile Akanni